Wild Things in Waco

Posted on October 16th, 2009

Here are a few words you hardly ever hear together in a sentence: "It's better in Waco than Austin." But when it comes to comparing city zoos, you can shout Waco's praises from high atop Mount Carmel.
Austin's zoo does its own Austin-y thing respectably (a focus on rescue animals, rural location in the hills, large petting zoo) but Waco's Cameron Park Zoo is a surprisingly wide-ranging and enjoyable experience.

I recently made the trek to Cameron Park Zoo with Max and his Cub Scout pack for a special behind-the-scenes nocturnal safari tour. After feeding bison, viewing jaguars, and creating contraptions for the skunks' breakfast, we set up our pads and sleeping bags in the aquarium where we were lulled to sleep by the soft sounds of bubbling tanks and peaceful visions of gracefully meandering sea life.
The following morning, we had the zoo to ourselves, allowing a public-free environment for crazy Cub Scouts to scream at animals and run amok. In the process, we trekked the zoo's natural pathways through a loosely based theme of following the Brazos River through different habitats. We had up-close views of orangutans, elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, meerkats, and rhinos. We discovered Where the Wild Things Are. Turns out, they're in Waco.

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