The Orange Show

Posted on November 30th, 2009

You know that occasional burst of inspiration that enters your brain? The one that encourages you to take an idea, no matter how ambitious, and follow through with it? Jeff McKissack, a Houston postman-turned-artist, actually did it. He built an enormous folk-art monument dedicated to oranges.
Known as The Orange Show, the 3,000-square foot structure is McKissack's homage to what he called "the perfect food." Standing among modest suburban homes just east of downtown Houston, this bizarrely compelling artwork is comprised primarily of brick and concrete, accompanied by metal sculptures, mosaic tilework, and various objects McKissack found along his postal route.

The Orange Show's absurdity-bordering-on-lunacy factor is rather fascinating, and McKissack's devotion to his subject is admirable in a disturbing kind of way. He apparently believed his life work — it took him nearly 25 years to assemble his collection into a publicly accessible venue — would become a major tourist destination, but somehow it never really caught on with the masses. Regardless, it remains an intriguing folk art environment unlike any other you’ll ever encounter, and it's certainly worth visiting the next time you're in Houston.

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Tex - December 13th, 2009 at 11:18 AM
See Jeff McKissack video "Jeff's Tour": The Orange Show in his own words (20 minutes in 5 parts).

Playlist available.

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